Top 10 Super Cool Android Tips, Tweaks & Tools


Android phones have changed the definition of customization ever since they hit the market. All over the world, Android enthusiasts are trying everything they can to take their phone to the next level. Today’s article is for those dedicated fans who would like nothing more, than to experience that thrill of customization.
Create Your Own Ringtones:
Ringdroid is an app that allows the user to create customized ringtones for their android. It lets you crop tracks from the music library, or even record your own tracks. These tones can then be set as your main ringtone, an alarm, or an SMS notification.
Show Off Flashy Wallpaper:
Google recently introduced the concept of live wallpapers, a replacement to the usual static wallpapers on most phones that have an ever changing backdrop. Live wallpapers can be something as straightforward as changing colors, to as complex as changing the backgrounds depending on the weather.
Personalize Your Home Screen:
There are several alternative launchers which allow you to give your Android a new look. Some of these include folders for sorting apps, onscreen notifications, and quick menu shortcuts.LauncherPro is an example of these launchers. It gives you a scrollable app dock, custom icons, pop ups, and much more. Other launchers include ADW Launcher and GO Launcher EX.
Manage Your Android Files:
File Managers basically help you to have full control over the files in your phone storage and SD card. Astro, is onesuch file manager, that acts much like Explorer for Windows. It lets you search for files, install and backup apps, email files as attachments, create and extract zip files, and much more.
Monitor Tasks And Data Usage:
Watchdog Task Manager is something that ensures the optimum usage of your phone’s battery. It will notify you if an app seems to be using too many CPU cycles, thus draining the phone of its battery. Using this information, you can make the necessary changes, or even delete the app if need be.
Use a New Keyboard:
Swype is an app familiar to Samsung Smartphone users. This innovative keyboard option lets you swipe your finger to complete words instead of typing each letter on the screen. It lets you type messages and emails faster than ever before. Other keyboard options include SwiftKey,SlideITTouchpal and Better Keyboard.
Seek and Retrieve a Lost Phone:
Losing a phone can be a nightmare. Fortunately, now with apps like Prey, tracking it down has become child’s play. This app not just helps you find your phone, but also lets it give out an alarm and also lock it in order to give it added security. Another app for the same reason is WaveSecure. This also lets you back up data on the web, restore data, and also track down SIMcard changes.
Protect Your Passwords:
1Password is a password Manager that protects sensitive logins, as well as makes it easier for you to get into your favorite sites. These managers not only lockdown your passwords, but also let you grab the passwords you save on your computer.
Reveal Hidden Android Settings:
For those interested in knowing exactly what is going on behind the scenes in their Androids,Spare Parts is the app for you. It lets you tweak your window animation speed, Wi-Fi sleep policy and screen font size.
Gain Super Access By Rooting:
Rooting basically allows the user to gain super access to their phones and even opens up some of the features they didn’t’ know existed. However, there is a glitch to this. Rooting voids the device’s warranty and so , it should be done with care.


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