Hi guys,,
It's called miniROM Original Taste v3. It looks like stockrom Gingerbread 2.3.6,,but with many modifications.
Main features :

Explore yourself when you done flash the rom.. :P

screenshots :


download link :


Google play sevice :

download link : http://www.mediafire.com/?5czka4nohnzu22z

Installation Guide :

1. Download the rom zip file .

2. put the zip on your sd card.

3. Turn off your phone and boot into CWM recovery.

4. Wipe data and cache.

5. Flash the rom zip file.

6. Wipe data and cache.

7. Reboot the system and please wait for 2-5 minutes

8. When in the homescreen,,the rom will automaticaly in Indonesian,,so U need to change the language first,,go to "Pengaturan",,find "Bahasa dan input,,choose "Pilih Bahasa"

tips :

1. to change battery icon, just tap 3x on battery icon,,ane choose the style of battery

2. click on carrier label on notification panel to go to wireless setting

3. click on date view on notification panel to go to day view on calendar


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