I´m glad to present my Android Multitool wich makes it easier to decompile/recompile applications + jar framework files. You can also sign your apk by easily clicking a button.

  • Winows OS 7 / 8
  • Installed Java on Windows
  • Installed Microsoft Powerpacks
  • Installed .NET framework

- Easy handling: Select your apk and push the "decompile" button! 
- This tool makes modding much faster and easier, no cmd handling any more.
- You can read the log which is integrated in the tool to find your mistake in the error. 

It looks like this so far: 

How to use this tool?

Follow this small how to! 

Here you go..

Well, first extract the AndroidApktool folder to C:\. Otherwise it propably won´t work
-copy your framework-res.apk and other files you want to mod in the "Files" folder (this folder is for all your files you want to mod, don't pick files from any other location)
-Next you have to start AndroidApktool.exe
-select your framework-res.apk and push the "install" button (check log for errors)

Decompiling and recompiling apk files:

-select the apk you want to mod/decompile and push the "decompile" button (check log for errors)
Note: You can check the "use baksmali" checkbox, then e.g. the useless .line text will be removed
-your decompiled apk will be located in C:\AndroidApktool\Decompiled_apk\"apkname" as a folder
-if you want to compile your apk again, select your decompiled folder, check the "apk" radiobutton and compile it again (check log for errors)
!!!NOTE!!! After compiling you have to copy the AndroidManifest.xml and the META-INF folder from your old apk to your newly compiled one!! Otherwise you´ll get bootloop! (Don't check the smali checkbox, it will create a classes.dex file from you smali files)

-your recompiled apk will be located in C:\AndroidApktool\Compiled_apk\"apkname"

Decompiling and recompiling jar files:

-select in the combobox ".jar" (check the "use baksmali" checkbox for deleting the useless .line comments) 
-select the ".jar" file you want to mod
-push the "decompile" button
-your decompiled jar file will be locaten in C:\AndroidApktool\Decompiled_jar\"jarname"
-for recompiling you have to check the "jar" radiobutton and select the folder within your decompiled ".jar" file
-push the compile button
-your compiled jar file will be located in C:\AndroidApktool\Compiled_jar\"jarname"\classes.d ex
-delete the "classes.dex" file in your ".jar" file 
-copy the new "classes.dex" file you compiled in the ".jar" file

Signing apk files:

-select the ".apk" you want to sign
-push the "sign" button
-the signed apk file is located in C:\AndroidApktool\Signed_apk\"apkname_signed" 

If there are any questions or bugs, please post them in the thread. 


[DOWNLOAD] (Windows 7)

enjoy easier apk handling!



fixed freezes
bigger UI for better overview
option to save log to a text file
other small fixes


complete code rework
folder structure for a better overview
decompiled, recompiled, signed files will be located in their own folder 
no more messy file handling
added radio buttons for choosing jar or apk
some graphical changes
added info button in the "installing framework" section


Added ability to decompile and recompile ".jar" files
Added baksmali
FolderBrowserDialog: If you push the "browse" button you are in the right directory now and needn't to scroll and search the "AndroidApktool" folder
other small fixes


Added ability to sign .apk
Changed comboboxes to browse buttons 
bigger log - screen


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