Avatar ROM
CM based ROM for Samsung Galaxy S (galaxysmtd)

Love the minimal feel of CMLove the themeing capability of MIUI?
The Avatar team brings you, both combined in one ROM. Now enjoy beautiful MIUI themes on Cyanogen base.


  • Android JB - 4.2.2
  • CM10.1


If it's the first time flashing avatarrom or coming from another ROM

Same as cyanogen - Link
Update your google search app from play store before using it.
Our Changes:

  • The platform for avatarrom as of now is CM10.1. The following components are changed on top CM10.1.
  • Status Bar
    • Fixed memory leaks
  • Theme Chooser
    • Google playstore like theme chooser - head here and download cool MIUI converted themes and CM themes.
  • Bazooka Launcher (market link)
    • Own launcher which is an enhanced version of Trebuchet (you can download this at the end of this post)
    • Enhanced theming by adding dockbar
    • Preview mode to edit workspaces
    • Many new Customization options.
    • Different gestures like swipe-up, swipe-down, double-tap, home-button press are added.
    • Added "edit workspace" option in menu button.
  • Messaging App
    • Changed message thread to make them themeable
    • Themeable Emoticons
  • Boot Animation
    • Themeable boot animation - the only CM ROM to do so.
  • Font Theming
    • Only ROM to support change of font without a reboot.
    • Tons of themes which change font - Eg: Buff, Simpsons, Mi_Xmas, European Gorgeous etc
  • Settings
    • Changed statistics to point to Avatar statistics server
    • OTA updater - you can check for updates to Avatar right from your device
    • Changed to support Avatar ROMs
    • Support for Gapps - download latest Gapps package as an OTA update
  • Framework
    • Integrated with ACRA Error Reporter for system wide crashes
  • Lockscreen
    • Changed to make them themeable
    • Support for complex unlock gestures
  • Weebo
    • A smart tasker kind of app which can help you to automate your device.
    • You can use exisiting rules or create your own customized rules for your needs.
    • More info - Link
  • Layout Theming
    • Themes not only change images, colors but it also can change the size, shape and position of any UI element.
    • More info - Link
  • Theme Editor
    • A tool to insulate you from all the complex operations involved in theming.
    • More info - Link
    • usage - Link

Recent Changelog 

Oct 19th 2013 - 3.1.6 nightly changelog
  • Launcher:
    • Fix for Market Launcher UPDATE issue in our Avatar Rom
    • Fix for double tapped on Home button where animation was stopped in between
    • Minor fix for seekbar paddin
  • ThemeChooser:
    • Tone stop issue fix
    • null check for appcount display in store tab View
    • Feature: play tone on clicking tone select item in ThemeMixManager (Missed file added back)
    • Default Image changed
    • Boot animation and font renderer added in theme Mix
    • Feature: play tone on clicking tone select item in ThemeMixManager
    • ThemeMixmanager enabled

Oct 4th 2013 - 4.0.4 and 3.1.4 nightly changelog
-> Updated to the latest CM changes i.e midnight, 1st october. 

Sep 29 2013 - 3.1.3 Nightly changelog
  • Launcher
    • Fixed double tap Widget issue
    • Preview image fix
  • ThemeChooser
    • Fix a gap with breadcrumb text gaps
    • Fix an issue with search
  • Updated to the latest CM changes i.e midnight, 27th Septmeber.

Sep 29 2013 - 4.0.3 nightly changelog
->CM merges till Sep 26, 2013.

Sep 26, 2013 - Nightly changelog 3.1.2
  • Sending Network operator Country code and Carrier id to config server Network operator
  • country code and Carrier id addded for config server
  • Theme downloaded to internal memory
  • Some issues fix
  • CM Merges Sep 23 Mid night

  • 21/09/2013 - 3.1 Stable release changelog
  • Framework level changes
    • MIN_THEME_ENGINE_VERSION feature added
    • Lockscreen: piano theme crash fix
    • Lockscreen Fixes:
    • Bootloop issue fix
    • piano theme fix
    • defaultwallpaper issue fix
    • NUll pointer check fix
    • fix text size issue for xhdpi devices
    • Add setting for GCM Notifier
  • Settings app
    • Fix derp in GCM Enabler
    • Add GCM Notifier Setting
  • Bazooka/Launcher
    • Fixed Issues related to small shortcuts
    • Fixed issues related to transparency
    • add icon_title_text_shadow to colors.xml
    • Fixed folder issues.
    • Fixed a scrolling indicator issue
    • Permanent fix for hotseat background in Landscape
    • Adding dockbar background
    • Fixed extra gallery icon
    • Fix for HomeScreen get stuck in between
    • Some changes for Hotseat for landscape
    • Fixed black shadow in Landscape
    • Drawer default transition -Cube In and Fixed.
    • Fixing menu button crash, found in nightly build
    • Fixed Removed background for dockbar, in landscape
    • Removed Keygaurd bootloader package from Preferences
    • Fixed By default auto rotate true
    • Revert "Default drop shadow added"
  • Bazooka/ManifestParser
    • moving mrabbit theme recursion fix
    • updating expr
    • adding varType variable
    • Crash Fixes with piano theme
    • stringOutofIndexException Fix
    • Lockscreen crash: expr string itself was null
  • GCMNotifier
    • Add Observer
    • Add setting to enable / disable GCM
  • ThemeChooser2
    • Internet check while wifi connected
    • Store add fix
    • Keyboard not hiding issue fixed
    • Search manager icon issue fix
    • Schedule downloads checkbox and Showing default icon problem fixed
    • Automatically install themes scheduled when WiFi on
    • Fixed Featured tab is not displaying the themes during first launch
    • Pause button is not displaying issue fixed
    • Download manager empty issue fix.
    • Hardcoded values moved to constants
    • Popup menu hide and pause/resume feature fixed
    • Popup menu hide fixed
    • bug fix: download themes when wifi is on
    • Removed unwanted Facebook share stuff.
    • Send system theme as default on themeapply receiver
    • System theme check based on FLAG
  • Framework level
    • Move to new theme.
    • Add themeengine version for comptability
    • Update to new theme
    • Get rid of RomManager and Terminal
    • Add new default theme
  • Theme engine
    • for mixing of themes feature
    • MIN_THEME_ENGINE_VERSION feature added
    • MIN_THEME_ENGINE_VERSION feature added
    • ThemeManager: NB translation, PT-BR update translations, PT-PT translations

13/09/2013 - 3.1.1 Nightly changelog
  • ThemeChooser
    • Fix store names
    • Feature: Show notifications for new themes
  • Updated to the latest CM changes i.e midnight, 13th Septmeber.

14/09/2013 - 4.0.2 Nightly changelog
  • Launcher
    • Fix an issue with icon scaling
    • Fix an issue with transparency in drawers
  • ThemeChooser
    • Fix store names
    • Feature: Show notifications for new themes
    • Feature: Automatically install scheduled themes when wifi is connected
    • Fixed a bug with featured page not loading correctly
    • Fixed a bug with pause button not displaying
    • Fixed a bug with the search icon
    • Fixed a bug with the keyboard not hiding
  • Updated to the latest CM changes i.e midnight, 13th Sept.

Nightly release 4.0[JB43] - Sep 10, 2013
Reddit (r/android) users had problem with the voulme slider coming in the middle of screen. We had the same problem too.


  • Added option in settings -> Sound -> Volume Panel Positioning to move the volume slider.
  • Volume slider can be moved to Top, offset from top, center, offset from bottom, bottom.

24/08/2013 - 3.1 Nightly changelog
  • Launcher
    • Fixed a bug with folders not working correctly
  • ThemeChooser
    • Bug fix: download themes when wifi is on
    • Fixed a bug Theme Engine Versioning
    • Fixed a bug with System Theme
  • Updated to the latest CM changes i.e midnight, 22st August.

19/08/2013 - 3.1 Nightly changelog
  • Launcher
    • Fixed a bug with an extra gallery icon appearing at times
  • Updated to the latest CM changes i.e midnight, 16th August.

14/08/2013 - 3.1 Nightly changelog
  • Launcher
    • Fixed a bug with hot set for landscape
    • Fixed a bug with dock disappearing in Landscape mode
  • Theme Engine
    • Fixed a Launch Crash
    • Added support for MIN_THEME_ENGINE_VERSION
  • Updated to the latest CM changes i.e midnight, 13th August.

08/10/2013 - 3.1 Nightly changelog
  • Launcher
    • Black shadow in Landscape
    • Drawer default transition -Cube In and out
  • Removed icon showing for themes in installed tab and showing default gray image
  • Updated to the latest CM changes i.e midnight, 8th August.

08/07/2013 - Nightly release 3.0.4 changelog
  • Launcher
    • Fixed the background now showing correctly for dock bar
    • Fixed menu button crashing
  • ThemeChooser
    • Added Progress bar for Installed View.
    • Bug Fixes.
    • Removal of unwanted file downloads.
    • Sorting of Store tabs
  • Theming Engine: Fix crashes in some themes.
  • CM merges till Aug 5th.

Nightly 3.0.3 Changelog Aug 04 2013
  • Bazooka Launcher - support for themeable drop shadow
  • Lockscreen - support for virtual screen tag
  • Theme chooser - support for min themes engine version
  • Theme chooser - support for community themes
  • CM merges till 1st August

07/28/2012 - Nightly release 3.0.2 changelog

Nightly release 3.0.2 - Jul 24, 2013
We have changed our detault theme. Please check avatar of our new theme here.

07/23/2013 - AvatarROM 3.0.1 Stable release
  • CyanogenMod Security fixes + update to 10.1.2
  • Themechooser crash fixes

07/21/2013 - AvatarROM 3.0.1 Nightly release
  • Update to latest cyanogenmod (till July 17) which has
    • Support for exfat, ntfs partitions
    • Some preliminary support for selinux
  • Themechooser is using action bar
  • Launcher
    • Fixed major issues and Critical crashes reported in error reporter have been fixed.
    • Some performance optimizations have been made when scrolling the workspace.

Nightly release - 16/07/2013
  • Launcher: Bug fixes from error reporter
  • CyanogenMod changes till July 11. Includes support for exfat, ntfs partitions.
  • SystemUI : Fix memory leak in Sync tile
  • SystemUI : Don't recreate controllers after theme change
  • SystemUI : Clear wallpaper manager bitmap during theme change, clearing significant memory
  • Themechooser : Memory leak fixes. Crash fix during long press

Stable release 3.0 - 07/02/2013
As CM10.1 has hit the general release, Avatar Team is branching with stable and nightly releases.

Stable releases are marked as 3.0. This is the first stable release from Avatar Team. Stable releases will be weekly or bi-weekly and will be tested extensively by our testing team.

Nightly releases will kickstart in a few days. We will merge CM changes every day and it will also contain experiemental features from Avatar.

We highly recommend to wipe cache/data/dalvik before flashing the stable releases.


Based on CM10.1.0 (General Release)

06/16/2013 - AvatarROM 2.15b release
  • CyanogenMod RC5 merges.
  • Fixes in Theme chooser.
  • Launcher:
    • Grid size issue fixed across all devices and resolutions.
    • Transparency setting changed(1 to 10 transparency, also moved from general to Drawer).
    • Fixed the issue with the transparent fade animation while going from Apps to Widgets.
    • Fixed some crashes.
  • Weebo:
    • New UI for editing rules.
    • Shows a dialog if rule is broken. If the rule is fine, user can directly enable/disable the rule by tapping on it.
    • Weebo icon changed.

    ***If you need the functionality of flashing Avatar ROM and Gapps in ROMS <= 2.13b, you can push the CMUpdater.apk to /system/app. ***

06/08/2013 - AvatarROM 2.14b release
  • Cyanogen Mod RC4
  • OTA Updater app can now flash with Gapps( This time also they need to do manual flashing of gapps. From next time it will be automatic if correct recovery is installed.) TWRP and unlocked clockworkmod is supported. Official locked clockworkmod recovery is not supported.
  • Lot of Theme chooser crash fixes.
  • Theme chooser gets updates from server, when the theme changes.
  • Notification for theme updates.
  • Fix for lock screen not showing music status for some themes.
  • Launcher
    • Crashes reported in error reporter have been fixed.
    • Some performance optimizations have been made when scrolling the workspace.

06/01/2013 - AvatarROM 2.13b release
  • CM merges till 28-05-2013
  • Bazooka --Custom grid size fix. Bug fixes.
  • Weebo -- UX/UI changes for location screen. Improved UI for mapping location screens.
  • Nova Launcher fix
  • Lockscreen support for new MIUI tag
  • Theme Chooser - some bug fixes
    • Service unregister crash
    • Notification added to show theme installing and installed

Previous releases

05/25/2013 - Avatar ROM 2.12b release.
  • CM 10.1 code merges till 21st May (RC2 Tag)
  • Mixing Themes - When applying a theme, you can now pick the components. Eg: If you want only the lock screen and boot animation from WP7 theme you can now choose it. We are one step closer to MiUi style of mixing and matching.
  • Rom Toolbox - Rom images will be available for download from Rom Toolbox app instantly. Fully automated.
  • Theme Chooser -
    • Support for enabling/disabling components when applying a theme
    • Improved facebook sharing and brand new gallery page (http://theme.avatarrom.com:3000/)
    • Bug fixes and improved graphics.
  • Launcher
    • Transitions in app drawer (like workspace)
    • App drawer can now be made transparent (no more black background)
    • Performance improvements in app drawer scrolling
  • Weebo
    • Ability to map a particular cell id to a location through location logs
    • Fixed bug related to mobile network not available

05/18/2013 - With more features and fixes Avatar team releasing the latest version 2.11b
  • Merged with CM 10.1 RC2 tag (May 15th, 2013)
  • Added Centre Clock feature - can be enabled/disabled from Settings
  • Made Navigation bar themeable - the resource name is nav_bar_bg
  • Made Statusbar Transparent - Default Status bar is now 25% transparent. Themes which have transparent status bar can make use of this. Seasons is one such theme.
  • Weebo
    • A 4x3 weebo widget can be added in homescreen. It displays current location and recent actions taken by weebo. This list is updated whenever there is location change or any actions are performed by weebo.
    • Fix for change of location when network is not detected
    • Removed cell-Id display from recent events logs. Remove cell-Id entries from recent events list shown in weebo.
    • Changed location tracking time options from locations page. Put a "recommanded" text for 4 hours option and removed "5 minutes" tracking time.
    • Action notifications are getting cleared now
    • Removed Actions in the notifications s when notification is cleared. When user removes notification the actions shown in notification are cleared.
  • Launcher
    • Feature to lock/unlock homescreen. Once homescreen is locked apps or widgets cannot be moved.
    • Fix a bug related to Gesture detection
  • Theme Chooser
    • Some memory leak fixes
    • Added support to share a fav theme on facebook
    Existing AvatarROM users can update via OTA from setting-> About Phone-> Avatar Updates
    More info about 2.11b release - http://avatarrom.com/update-2-11b-fo...es-draw-along/

05/11/2013 - Avatar team is proud to present the 2.10b version based on the latest CM 10.1 RC base (Stable build).
  • Merged with CM 10.1 RC1 tag (May 8th, 2013)
  • Added more space between wifi and signal icons in status bar
  • Added gapps version in Error Reporter
  • Message Bubbles - Reset the bubbles similar to stock version bubble when not themed.
  • Theme Chooser - Themes now display the size of the apk.
  • Theme Chooser - Fixed memory leaks
  • Theme Chooser - Fixed download problems with some themes - cobalt blue, cobalt inferno etc
  • Bazooka --> Fixed Widget scolling issue when Widgets are placed on Home screen.
  • Bazooka --> Fixed the dockbar pages issue. You can select number of pages in Settings screen of Bazooka launcher.
  • Bazooka --> Other minor bug fixes.
  • Weebo --> Fixing the issue where files cannot be read from /mnt/sdcard/weebo folder.
  • Weebo --> Contact picker to make it simpler to select the contacts you want to call/send message to.
  • Weebo --> New categories in "All rules" callled Enabled and Disabled. This shows currently enabled/disabled rules.
  • Weebo --> Location exit condition bug fixed. You can now trigger actions when you leave a particular location.

Existing Avatar ROM Users - Hit the refresh button from "settings -> About Phone -> Avatar ROM Updates" for download via OTA
AvatarROM is now available for download via ROM Toolbox lite and pro versions. Thanks jrummy.

05/04/2013 - AvatarROM 2.9b release.
  • CyanogenMod merges till May 2nd 2013.
  • SystemUI fixes during expanded desktop (the background was not covering till the end. Also portrait - landscape transition, the notifications wouldn't expand fully)
  • ThemeChooser : Fixes for text invisible in installed themes tab for dark themes
  • ThemeChooser will not handle market links anymore and Memory leak fix.
  • Old themechooser is removed completely.
  • Launcher : Fix crash without wipe & make dockbar transperant.
  • In OTA updater show that the gapps and rom is installed if they are installed. ( Previously it used to show new or downloaded).
  • Change Cyanogen Mod Updates to Avatar Updates
  • We have a global error reporter collecting the crashes reported by the user using ACRA.Error Reporter link

04/27/2013 - AvatarROM 2.8b Release
  • Merged CM changes till 24th April ( includes Camera driver fixes for lot of devices )
  • Bazooka Launcher
    • Fixed some critical issues reported in previous build.
    • Added Gestures in workspace. A settings page also added to configure gesture actions. Different gestures like swipe-up, swipe-down, double-tap, home-button press are added. Different actions for each of the gesture can be set in preference.
    • Added ""edit workspace"" option in menu button.
    • Removed ""pinch to preview mode"". This option is currently disabled for some issues as we can go to preview mode through many other ways. It will be added later.
    • Many new Customization options."
  • Lockscreen
    • Fixed a bug
  • Fixed Settings crash on Input Method
  • Fixed Version Number problem in Error Reporter
  • Theme Chooser
    • Removed Old theme chooser
    • enabled Total download count of themes
    • Sorting themes based on download count
    • Sorting themes based on date
    • Settings App now launches the new Theme chooser

04/19/2013 - AvatarROM 2.7b Release
  • Merged with CM 10.1 M3 build( 14th April )
  • Changed Error Reporter to send requests to server instead of a google document
  • New Theme Chooser fixes
  • Weebo fixes
  • Support for layout theming

Existing AvatarROM users can update via OTA. Go to Settings-> About Phone-> Avatar updates and hit the refresh button.
Known issues
Update Google search and Google voice from playstore after installing the Gapps.

04/06/2013 - AvatarROM 2.6b Release
  • Full support for OTA
  • Merged with latest CM 10.1 base (Upto Apr 3rd, 2013 - Includes Paranoid style pie control, new Super user app etc)
  • Changes in the framework to redirect trebuchet and android launcher resources from CM themes to Bazooka launcher
  • Fixed launcher menu settings in app space
  • New ThemeChooser - Bug fixes, Performace improvements and new features like download count, caching etc
  • Performance improvements in theming engine
  • Weebo fixes
  • Disabled driving rule in weebo as it was causing lot of confusions

03/31/2013 - AvatarROM 2.5b Release
  • Latest CM 10.1 code merges for 2.5b release(upto Mar 28th 2013)
  • Included new theme chooser based on Aptoide(Alpha release)
  • Lockscreen - Enable/Disable vibration when unlocking from settings -> Lockscreen -> Screen Security -> Vibrate
  • Launcher - Option to edit workspace in menu
  • Weebo - Bug fixes and now you can create your own rules (see -http://avatarrom.com/weebo-rules/)
  • OTA - Full support from client side. Next update will be via OTA.
  • General bug fixes

03/24/2013 - AvatarROM 2.4b (CM10.1)
  • Latest CM 10.1 code merges for 2.4b release( upto Mar 22nd 2013)
  • Two new themes (MiUi v5 and Pink theme)
  • Weebo and status bar fixes.
  • Weebo adding actions in log.
  • Performance improvements in animations.

03/09/2013 - AvatarROM 2.2b Release
  • Latest CM 10.1 code merges (upto Mar 7th 2013)
  • Bug fixes from 2.1b Avatar Release
  • Integrated Weebo
  • Changes to make toggles screen more themeable
  • Chages in Error Reporter to point to new document

03/02/2013 - AvatarROM 2.1b Release
  • Latest CM 10.1 code merges (upto Feb 27th 2013)
  • Bug fixes from 2.0b Avatar Release
  • Small battery tweaks for battery. 
Download Avatar ROM Samsung Galaxy S (galaxysmtd):

Nightly release 4.0 - Android version 4.3
Nightly 4.0.4 - Oct 04 2013

Nightly Release 3.x.y - Android version 4.2.2 based on CM10.1
Nightly 3.1.6 - Oct 19 2013
Stable Release 3.x - Android version 4.2.2 based on CM10.1
Stable 3.1 - Sep 21 2013
Beta Release - Android version 4.2.2 based on CM10.1
Link (Jun 16, 2013) 
Gapps (4.2.2)

Stable Release - Android version 4.1.2 based on CM10

Link(Feb 24,2013)

If there are any errors let us know in the comments or file the bug at http://issues.avatarrom.com

You can find more information at http://www.avatarrom.com

Feature request page - https://avatarrom.uservoice.com/foru...eature-request

Team AvatarROM 

Phone : HTC One X
ROM : Avatar (4.2.2)
Code : AvatarROM


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