Main Features
1. Fast, stable and intended for gamers
2. Built from CM10.2 source with GCC 4.6 with O3 optimizations, heavily debloated , almost no 3rd party apps pre-installed
3. CyanCore Kernel included.
4. Additional tweaks ( vary from version to version )
5. For those people who love ROMs with lots of themes , customizations , apps etc , please leave now , you will be disappointed , this ROM is not for you.

3rd party apps
Nova Launcher

I understand that my ROM will sound simple and backward to many, but it is a stable and fast base for gaming, probably the fastest without OC, and with OC, it flies.......

Due to the cleanness of this ROM, it will provide exceptional battery backup too.

So do you users want a clean gaming oriented ROM or do you want your gaming to be riddled with problems and lags forever?

Feature Requests accepted, but only stuff which enhances the speed and stability, or betters gaming speed without lessening stability will be added.

Known Bugs
None ATM 

Install Procedure for best performance
You should take a nandroid backup if anything goes wrong

1. Wipe data , cache , dalvik cache (required while changing layout)
2. Format system and datadata (required while changing layout)
3. Install CyanAOSP ROM
4. Install Gapps , link below.
5. Set up the ROM and leave it alone for 10-15 mins.
6. Reboot again and enjoy.

Download Link
ROM - Download
Gapps - Download

Screenshots Here

XDA:DevDB Information
CyanAOSP JB4.3 ROM, a ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S I9000

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: v2.0.0
Stable Release Date: 2013-10-07

Created 2013-09-13
Last Updated 2013-10-06
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Name: 1157438_607948322583121_1736218131_n.jpg
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Name: tlbn.jpg
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ID: 2255246 
Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000

Android version: 2.3.6 XXJW4
Kernel version: Semaphore 2.7.4sc
Internals: 366.4 MB RAM , 400MHz-1000MHz CPU with tweaked ondemand, SIO Scheduler
ROM: JW4 + Mods


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