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  1. Navigation Bar customization
  2. Notification Drawer customization (Shortcuts and Hide Carrier Label)
  3. Battery Icons customization
  4. Status Bar Customization (Clock, Date and Brightness Control)
  5. Advanced Brightness control (Sunrise and Sunset Auto-adjustment, Sesitivity and Levels)
  6. CRT Animation (including a new animation "Scale down")
  7. Advanced Light Options (Battery Light and Notification Led)
  8. Volume rocker wake
  9. Advanced Sound Options (Safe Headset Volume, Volume Rocker Music Control and Power Connectivity Alert)
  10. Ascending Ringtone
  11. Low Battery Warning customization
  12. Application Security (Pivacy Guard and Blacklist)
  13. Calls Stats in Dialer
  14. Multiline Notification for Missed Calls
  15. In Call Vibration Options
  16. Browser History Page
  17. Transparent Navigation/Notification Bars (including Lockscreen)
  18. much more, this needs to be updated 



Installation instructions

Coming from another ROM:

  • Full wipe (means: wipe data / factory reset and format /system)
  • Install Slim 4.4
  • Install Slim GApps 4.4
  • Reboot

Update from a previous version of SlimKat

  • Install Slim 4.4
  • Install Slim GApps 4.4*
  • Reboot

*You don't need to flash the Slim GApps again if you had it installed already unless you've formatted your /system partition.


Rom Here
Gapps Here


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