Now get Galaxy S4 experience your Galaxy S3 buy just installing S4 Revolution ROM on your device, This is a ROM based on the latest official 4.3 firmware for galaxy S3 ,and added all the avaiable port from S4/Note3 , and added some essentials mod to let you have a beatiful experience using our ROM. 


S4 Revolution ROM for Galaxy S3
S4 Revolution ROM for Galaxy S3S4 Revolution ROM for Galaxy S3
S4 Revolution ROM for Galaxy S3
S4 Revolution ROM for Galaxy S3
S4 Revolution ROM for Galaxy S3

What to expect from this ROM:

- Pure S4/Note 3 Experience
- Port from firmware of S4/Note 3
- Good performance and stability

What not to expect from this ROM:

- Lot of mods (look must be that of S4/Note 3)
- Bug free (sometimes port from other phones contain bugs)
- RAM free (port from S4/N3 are optimized to work on 2/3 GB of ram)
- Not laggy when you have and heavy use

Feature of S4 Revolution v12

  • Based on last official 4.3 firmware for S3 (MK6)
  • Smart Stay and Smart Scroll fully working from Note 3 !
  • Light Effect on Lockscreen from Note 3
  • Watercolour Effect on Lockscreen from Note 3
  • Ink Effect on Lockscreen from Note 2
  • Improved ripple effect using lib from S4
  • AC!D AUDIO ENGINE v5.0 (In AROMA installer)

-Bass are deeper, crispier and more powerfull, with nice effect without distortion and crackling
-treeble are less aggressive and more immersive (you'll enjoy whistle, whisper, instrument like piano, guitar,... will be much more natural and balanced)
-Voice is really more natural with better balenced EQ for a pure cristal sound for an awesome clarity
-Audio track quality will be enhanced and the improvement will be even noticed on your most crappy headset (even if good headphone are really suggested to enjoy all improvement of this MOD)

-Sony Clearaudio Plus system (an amazing technolgy to enhance clarity of Bass and provide several effect like Clearphase, Clearbass, SRS surround,...)
-Beats Audio Engine (we ported latest beats engine from HTC one XL, and modded it a lot to be great handled by Clearaudio, it improve greatly Bass power and overal surround effect)
-cyanogen DSP features (it helped a lot to handle better in app Equaliser)
-Dolby Digital Sound (overall better audio clarity with way more natural sound and some awesome features like SRS Wow and Dynamic Bass range)
-Sony Xloud (enhance noticably speaker quality in terms of clarity and volume, it help to ensure there is no distorion in sound even in headset, better balanced treeble and crystal voice)
-Eizo Rewire PRO series (an awesome Audio tool wich brings lots of effect and claim to offer a better balanced and natural Sound)
-AC!D Audio Parts (Huge optimisation in overall sound quality due to some optimisation, some tweaks, some audio rendering and resampling and even more... some Huge work have been done already)
  • Improved audio
  • Avaiable in AROMA "Insane Volume Audio Hack" by Meltus
  • Kernel in ROM : Stock MK6 ,Googy Max v2.0.8 ,Lite GX v3.6.0, Adam v3.0, Boeffla Kernel v5.1 beta 7 ,Devil v2.0.4
  • Power Menu Extended
  • All Note 3 Toggle on status bar
  • Easy One Hand fully working on any screens
  • Can open Galaxy Finder pressing menu button
  • Enabled Call Recording in phone app
  • Enabled Camera on Lockscreen
  • Modded Note 3 SMS app and added custom Emoji (whatsapp emoji) THANKS @friedrich420
  • Avaiable in aroma Nexus 5 camera with Photosphere working (android 4.4.2 sources)
  • Best Multitasking fix tweak
  • Agression mod tweak by Ricky1073
  • Fully Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • More Optimized
  • Init.d Support
  • Tweaks
  • Init.d Tweaks
  • Build.prop Tweaks
  • Fully Optimized
  • Fully Tweaked
  • Ant+ from S4 support
  • Fixed Home Button lag
  • Disabled cache across OS
  • Modem MG4 in Aroma and avaiable option "No Flash Modem"
  • Efs Backup (added the option to create efs backup during installation)
  • Busybox
  • SuperSU
  • Full Wipe option
  • Wipe cache partition automatic before roms installation
  • Wipe Dalvik Cache automatic during installation
  • Wipe preload partition automatic before roms installation
  • Removed a lot of apps,but theese are avaible in Aroma installer
  • Aroma installer v2.70 RC2 (to customize you rom during the installation)
  • OTA update (to download fix released,new update and additional package)
  • Removed all brand feature
  • Init.d support without the need of a kernel that supports init.d
  • Themed with touchwizUX 2014 v2 (From Note 3)
  • Camera themed look like Note 3
  • Themed as Note 3 Touchwiz UI
  • System UI icons from Note 3

Apps ported from S4 

  • Story Album
  • Group Play and All Share (avaiable in aroma installer)
  • Yahoo widget (news and finance)
  • Widget (clock,S Travel,calendar,alarm)
  • Video Player
  • Calendar app
  • Web manual
  • Voice recorder

Apps ported from Note 3

  • S-Voice
  • Multiwindows
-Quad view
-Same app in two windows
-And other...
  • Toggles in status bar
  • Pagebuddy
  • Best face in camera app
  • S Health v2.5
  • SMS app
  • Voice Recorder
  • Ported Settings from Note 3 (with search feature)
  • Easy One Hand
  • Keyboard
  • Launcher (enabled swipe on to open Magazine Home)
  • Avaiable in aroma 5x4 and 5x5 launcher
  • Magazine Home
  • Multitasking app
  • S Translator
  • Mobile print
  • Flash Annotate (modify screenshot after made it)
  • Interactive tutorial
  • Clock app
  • Email and Exchange app
  • Some Framework animation
  • Ringtones.UI sounds,alarm sounds
  • Wallpapers
  • Live wallpapers
  • NoteMyFiles
  • Widget (program monitor)
  • Gear support
  • Calculator
  • Gallery
  • Easy Launcher
  • Easy Settings
  • Setup Wizard
  • S Finder
  • Fonts
  • Bloomerg+

Apps ported from Note 2

  • Pop Up browser
  • S Note (ML3 firmware)
  • Gallery
  • SystemUI

How to Install S4 Revolution

  1. -Download ROM and insert it in your SDcard or external SDcard
  2. -Boot your phone in recovery mode (vol down + power+home button)
  3. -select "install zip from sdcard"
  4. -Select the ROM
  5. -You can use data wiping option in AROMA or continue without wiping
  6. -After flash process is complete, reboot the device
Additional Notes:

-To receive OTA Updates just open the UpdateMe app once! You'll get registered automatically and will receive a push message once a new version of the ROM is out 

Some Tips:

-Use greenify to ibernate app and saving lot of battery ! Ex : some apps look like facebook and twitter consumes a lot of battery ! Ibernating them you will save lot of battery and more ram free 
-Set Window Animations to 0.5 to fast ypur phone.. Active it in developer section in settings
-If you need access to developer options tap on the build number 4 times 
-For better battery set brigthness to "auto"

Download S4 Revolution v12 Android 4.3 MK6

S4 Revolution v12

source = XDA developers


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