Requires Android
ICS 4.0+

Exellent copy of Samsung Galaxy SIV, Galaxy NoteIII Lockscreen
Now NO need to "ROOT" now 

* Light Effect
* Ripple Effect
* Ink effect (New)

* Light Effect (Screen by Me)
* Ripple Effect (By Owner)


Galaxy SIV / NoteIII Lockscreen

What's New

version 3.2

1. Add ink effect;
2. Add two themes of light effect;
3. Add notifications of missed call and new messages;
4. Add option to hide status bar;
5. Add show help text and custom carrier text;
6. Add greek language;
7. Add share, rate and free apps;
8. Fix bug: can't press the power menu on lockscreen;
9. Fix bug: can't answer the phone when phone call incoming;
10.Fix bug: can't touch the lockscreen when Go/Handcent sms pop up;
11.Other bug fixed;

version 3.1

1. Add force lock home, prevent pressing home to unlock on some devices;
2. Add hide my profile option;
3. Add customize my profile font size;
4. Add customize clock font and size;
5. Adjust down the lock and unlock volume;
6. Fix bug when call incoming on some devices;
7. Add check update manually;
8. Add korean strings.


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