Samsung Galaxy Ace
If you’re an owner for Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone, you probably know that, Samsung announced that there won’t be any update for this device with JB or ICS because the hardware has some limitations. But today we will share for you an easy method to increase his internal memory which is only 158 MB that will be necessary if you’ll want to flash new custom ROMs firmware available for Samsung Galaxy Ace device.
This present guide will teach you how you can easily extend the Galaxy Ace internal memory device. This thing is necessary to prepare your device to don’t take memory error messages when you want to flash new custom ROM’s, or other application, which can require more space from your device. This situation can be when your internal memory space left is too low for a new application to be installed and to run normally. Is particularly beneficial to know you can extend your Galaxy Ace internal memory, and you can to do not buy other superior device to use the latest applications or games released on Google Play Store for the new devices.
The memory low level situation can be displayed when you try to flash new custom ROM’s available for your device or if you want to install a custom recovery images.
This method is easy to be applied, and there are no risks related during the increasing internal memory process, no warranty lose for your device, and no root accesses required for apply the preset guide. So no risk if you decide to apply it.
Anyway we always recommend doing a backup for the data stored on your smartphone and phone’s SD card you’ll use. All the information and data will be out so make sure you make a backup copy out of the device. Fo doing that you can use the cloud or a local PC for doing that before you start the procedure.
You’ll use a Windows PC or a Notebook with a memory card reader installed (for the Notebooks or Computers that have included a default SD card reader isn’t necessary a supplementary SD card reader.
I think these are all prerequisites necessary to be followed before you start the procedure to increase the Galaxy Ace Internal Memory.

 How to Increase Galaxy Ace Internal Memory with MiniTool Partition Wizard Software.

  1.  Firstly download on your PC the MiniTool Partition Wizard Software app from here.
  2.  Secondly install the downloaded app on your PC.
  3.  Insert the microSD card into an empty microSD card slot from the card reader.
  4.  Connect the card reader to your PC or your Notebook.
  5. Don’t access the mass storage device and your files stored on the memory card from your smartphone.
  6. Copy and paste all your files stored on the memory card on your PC or back it up.
  7. Open the MiniTool software installed from your PC.
  8. Now, select SD card and after that right click on “option” and after choose “delete”, confirm your delete action for wiping the data from the memory SC card.
  9. Select SD card and right-click and choose “Create new”.
  10. Select FAT32 file type and now allocate the volume of space that you want to allocate it for be used to saving your files or other media files.
  11. Again select the SD card and right-click but now select “Create As: Primary”; and now a new external partition will be created so now you need allocate the required memory; this memory space will be used for save the apps you will download.
  12. Click on “apply” and after that insert the microSD card on your Galaxy Ace Android smartphone. Now your internal memory has been increased.
Congratulations, you successfully learnt how to increase your Samsung Galaxy Ace device. Use our comments section and tell us if this tutorial works for your Galaxy Ace device or if you have issues about this guide let us know and we will try to find the best solutions for you.


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