As we all know Android 4.4 has been officially launched
Here is a set of files which will bring Kitkat Launcher to our devices

Warning: While there is little to no risk in damaging your phone during this process, proceed at your own risk as we are not responsible for any issues that may occur with your device. 


* NOTE = If the above download link does not open then press 

Now, before we proceed, this will only work as long as you have Jelly Bean 4.1 and above. If you do have it, then here’s what you need to do:

      • Download the following * file ‘’.
      • Once downloaded, unzip the file and you’ll have 3 APKs inside – ‘GoogleHome.apk’, ‘PrebuiltGmsCore.apk’ and ‘Velvet.apk’.
      • Next, transfer all the APKs to your phone. You can place them in the root or create a new folder for them, doesn’t matter.
      • Use a file manager to browse to these APKs from your phone and install them in this order – PrebuiltGmsCore.apk, Velvet.apk and GoogleHome.apk. All these files have to be installed in order for the launcher and Google Now to work correctly.
      • Now, simply select the launcher by pressing the ‘Home’ button and you’re all set.


      1. Will this work for Samsung Galaxy S2?

      2. Replies
        1. yes it work on almost every android device....:)

      3. please help me. i am not able to install velvet.apk

      4. Replies
        1. yes i will work.....but my suggestion to u is to install a kitkat rom for better experience ....try this rom i have been using this rom