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  • CCleaner from Piriform is one of the most used tools applications used by the Windows platform users. The application is valued primarily because it provides a safe and simple work, and more than that, offers quite a few options and is free. After a year from the promise of launching the CCleaner application on the Android platform, and after three months of beta testing, the final version of CCleaner application for Android has arrived in the Google Play Store.
  • Like the version for the Windows platform, CCleaner for Android offers a reduced set of options than other similar applications designed for advanced users, but is packaged in a simple and understandable manner even for beginners.
  • Those who prefer a good control and more options have no reasons to abandon robust applications like CleanMaster, but if you want an application that can clean unnecessary files in just a few clicks, CCleaner is a better option.
  • The application offers a single main screen work, with an extremely simple interface.
  • Within it are displayed the loads of RAM and internal storage, under this panel are lined up options for cleaning. The application provides options for cleaning caches within applications, the list of sites visited in the browser, log phone calls, SMS or clipboard memory.
  • Some of these modules do not provide additional options for customization, section for cleaning the internal memory occupied by the cache of applications or the section for cleaning the browser provides only a simple checkbox for mass cleaning.
  • Other modules, such as for cleaning log calls or SMS messages, hide other menus that allow selecting each unwanted element individually, an indicated way of work when you do not want to remove even all of the possible information.
  • At the bottom is a list of applications whose cache cannot be directly clean due to their more specific way, and users are directed from here to the Android’s App Info menu, where they will find dedicated buttons for deleting cache and data. CCleaner app includes in the main screen also a Task Manager that allows the selection and closure of several open applications.
  • CCleaner also provides a side menu that hides just a list of installed applications and an information board with the Android terminal’s parameters. One of these auxiliary modules is similar to the menu for the application management offered by the Android operating system, the only improvement being the possibility to uninstall multiple software simultaneously. Another module is trivial, displaying CPU load, free RAM, amount of memory available on the card or internal battery charge and temperature.
  • CCleaner is not yet a complete application, the shortcomings most disturbing being impossibility of deleting cookies or the impossibility for definitive selection of applications from Task Manager for subsequent liquidation of less important processes in a single step.
  • As we mentioned, CCleaner focuses on simplicity, and this way is safer for those who do not have deep knowledge and want to free some additional space without too much risk and hassle.

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