install CWM recovery on samsung galaxy pocket

What do we mean by Installing CWM on Samsung Galaxy Pocket ?

When we say we are Installing CWM recovery over an Android we actually mean to replace android recovery which is by default into a phone adn install ClocksworkMod instead. The ClocksworkMod can be easily installed with the process here. Installing CWM over Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 has many Advantages of which we will be talking here soon.
Reasons to Install the ClockworkMod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Pocket
Well This is the Section where we will have all the advantages of CWM together. There are alot more recoveries available other than CWM. but we always choose CWM over all because of its functionality and feasibility of installation. other than that we can use CWM to create partition in sd-card to use it as a GPU or Internal Memory of an android phone.  While also we can install Apps from CWM in .ZIP extension directly to the Phone. Also we can clear Cache, Delvik Cache, System,Boot and many things ! For a le man this is the place from where one can Reset a phone if he forgets his pattern lock or password.
Installing CWM is the best procedure when you want to change ROMs and Themes on your device.

Well what if your Galaxy Pocket Starts Looking like in the picture will that be great ? or awesome ? If you want that just install CWM and we will also tell you to how to flash a ROM on you Samsung Galaxy Pocket.

Pre-Requistes: Before you Install CWM on Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 :

  • Make sure you have backed up all your data, as all the data on the phone might get erased in the process.
  • You could backup your SMS.
  • Also you could backup your contacts. 
  • Also you could backup apps installed on your phone too.
  • Make sure that before you begin the phone is charged atleast 90% as you definitely would not want that your Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 dies out because of no power in the midst of the rooting process.
  • Get USB Drivers for Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 or from here.
  • Before Rooting Make a final decisions. 

Requirements to continue process to Install CWM on Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

Please download the requirements by clicking on to the links.

Install CWM on Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

Installing CWM on Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 is not really important but it is necessary when it comes to using your Phone with what actually is using an android other than just calling and texting

1) Copy the chosen kernel zip file to your sdcard (and vM00CWM if your current kernel hasn't integrated CWM)

2) boot your phone into recovery by holding VOL_UP,POWER and HOME
3) choose apply update from sdcard and select
4) once your in CWM, select install zip from sdcard
5) choose zip from sdcard and select the appropriate Kernel update zip
6) Enjoy....!!


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