The Galaxy S is arguably Samsung's most popular handset device which is why it's considered its flagship model. The highly anticipated next iteration on the product line is expected to be the S6 model which so far we know little about. Sources say Samsung is gearing up to go head to head against Apple's iPhone 6 and is planning to launch the device in early 2015. This gives Apple a couple of months of head start in sales, but analyst say the extra time gives much needed time for Samsung to work out any bugs on their device. Working out such problems is essential to having a good product launch. The iPhone 6 Plus for example has been having bending issues where the body cracks along the volume controls from simple daily use. iOS 8 has been plagued with Wi-fi and battery draining issues due to poorly optimized code. These are problems that could've been prevented with extra time devoted to testing and development.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Coming Soon, Specs and Features Info

If the design of the Galaxy S6 is to follow the latest Samsung trends, it's very likely to feature a full metal body similar to that of the Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha. These all metal body designs are super sleek and durable making them perfect for mobile users that require a rugged phone. They are mode from lightweight metal to help cut back on the overall weight of the phone and finished with a glossy paint for a perfect new look. All metal bodies seem to be a growing trend in the mobile handset industry, it used to be that the phones were built on a plastic body. These new metal frames are more rigid and give your phone a more solid and built-quality feel to them.

A faster processor and an increase in RAM is virtually guaranteed, however we don't know which one Samsung will chose to include. The Note 4 for comparison features a Quad-core 2.7 GHz CPU, however due to size limitations they may go to with a smaller less powerful alternative. Nevertheless anything close to that range will offer a sizeable increase in performance. It is also speculated that the screen size will take a slight jump to somewhere in the 5.3 inch range with a high-end QHD screen offering a ultra-crisp and colorful display. All these great new features and specs add up, pricing has been officially release but being that the S5 cost $600 new at launch there's no reason to believe the S6 will cost any less. Even with a 2 year contract on select carriers you're still looking at around $200 in most cases.

If you're on the fence about upgrading to the new iPhone 6, but you don't want the Note 4 because it's too bulky for you. Then it might be worth your time waiting a couple of months for Samsung to fully announce the Galaxy S6. Their new flagship Galaxy S6 may have everything to offer that you've been looking for on a smartphone.

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