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Since the first introduction of Android many new functions and changes have been implemented in updates. However, these updates are not always downloaded. Android users are known to rarely update their operating system. But Lollipop was introduced in november 2014 and their share is already growing! Lollipop is now - at the beginning of may - running on almost 10% of the Android devices. The advantages of Lollipop over the previous software are for example an extended battery life and a build in function to encrypt the device.

Android Lollipop is growingIn February 2015 Lollipop was not even visible in the statistic of Google because their share was less than 0.1%. Now, seven months after the introduction, it is installed on almost 10% of the active devices (source: Google Developers). This is mostly at the expense of Android KitKat, dated from november 2013, though KitKat is still the market leader with almost 40% of the shares. The use of other Android operating systems is declining, only the share of Android 5.0 and 5.1 (Lollipop) is growing. The growth of Lollipop’s share is mainly thanks to the many updates and new smartphones with the software already installed on it.

Android Lollipop review and comperision

On which devices is Lollipop available?

Google is unfolding Android 5.0 and 5.1 step by step, or rather device by device. The devices of Google, Motorola, LG and Sony can already update the newest Lollipop. This also applies for a number of HTC and Samsung devices. Do you own a HTC Butterfly 2, Desire 816 or One Max? Then you can update your software in the second quarter of 2015. The updates for the Huawei, Asus and some of the Samsung devices (Galaxy Note 2, 10.1, S3 4G and S5 Mini) are scheduled for 2015.

The fragmentation of Android

The operating systems of Android are fragmented because the newest updates are not always available for all users. That is why App developers have to support older systems for quite some time. Would they not do so, then they would exclude a major part of potential buyers and miss out on profit.

The measurement of a software version

The number of devices running on a certain software version is measured every month by Google. They do this by exploring which operating systems are used by the visitors of the Google Play Store. These results are particularly interesting for app developers. With this information they can decide which operating systems they want to support and how many potential customers they would miss if they exclude a certain version.

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