Mobile phone technology has developed where every individual looks forward to getting at least one smartphone. Smartphones have become the most reliable phones, and every person aspires to see new releases. The recent developments in this industry have provided us with mobile phones that help us in all we need from a smartphone.

As we look forward to new releases, we can only imagine what Android smartphones 2016 will appear. Renowned manufacturers will bring in some new models that will attract global attention. Samsung, LG, Sony, and HTC are a few manufacturers that are ready to bring in some innovations and breathtaking smartphone models.

The following review will give you a hint on what top manufacturers will be giving us. Reviews on the Best Smartphones in 2016 consisting of Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G4, Sony Xperia Z5, LG G Flex 3, and Samsung Galaxy Note 6 are explained. We expect some properties to change. For instance phones with octa-core processors, 23 MP camera, foldable design, 5G wireless technology and 4K screen displays might flood the market.

  • LG G5

There is much that consumers, as well as analysts, are speculating about when it comes to LG G5. The popularity of LG smartphones has taken over the smartphone market for some years. With regards to the features and specs of the previous versions, the LG G3, and LG G4, it is easy to forecast what the new brand will appear.

LG G5 is regarded as one of the best smartphones to be released. There is a lot of excitement considering the amount of time left before the deadline, which is set in March 2016. Huge enhancements on the phone’s properties are expected. It is expected that LG G5 will have a high processing speed, faster downloads, improved efficiency, crystal clear screen display and enhanced video recording.

LG G5 Specs
Consumers expect much with the development of smartphones but with LG G5 Specs, the anticipation is great. The phone is expected to have a 20-23 MP rear camera, 5MP front camera, 3D and an optical image stabilization. The 3D camera is perhaps the most anticipated aspect.

Octa-core processor is another feature expected to enhance processing speed, efficiency and display screen hard to beat. Battery life will also improve with the introduction of the eight cores. An increase of the RAM to 5 GB will play an integral role in enhancing the speed.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung S series is perhaps the most trusted smartphone series. In 2016, customers expect a lot of surprises as with the previous models. Anticipation is high as consumers expect the smartphone to include a 30 MP rear camera and a 10MP front camera. 3D and optical image stabilization are not an exception with regards to Samsung Galaxy S7.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Much is expected but with this smartphone, a 28 MP rear camera will be an outstanding shooter. It will also feature a 7 MP front camera and OIS feature as in previous models. It is expected to have a 5GB RAM and octa-core processor.

  • Sony Xperia Z5

The sleek design of the model attracts attention from many consumers. It is expected to have a 24MP rear camera, APCS sensor as well as optical image stabilization. The processing speed will be enhanced with the introduction of octa-core 2.9 GHz processor.

  • Xiaomi Mi6

Xiaomi smartphones have become popular for the high-quality camera specs, and with the 23 MP camera, 6-10MP front camera and auto-focus, the camera specs will improve.

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