Disney Mix

There is already a stock of messaging apps available on Android and iOS app store, for example, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Hike, WeChat and many more. Now disney is also contributing to the genre: Disney has launched a new messaging application of Kids “Disney Mix”.

Disney Mix is an app that will only allow “4+” kids on the app. It is not only a messaging app but a way for children to learn new things, play games and chat with their dearest friends.

When a kid registers for the app they have to agree to a series of safety guidelines, that is consisting of “Safety rules”, “ Keep it Clean” and “Respect others”. Indeed, these guidelines also restricts usage of bad language, harassment and bullying tactics.

The app is not only a chat based service, it also includes the ability to play games, make memes, share stickers with their characters. Disney Mix is a social media inspired application with amazing features and safety rules for kids.  

Every chat automatically contains a moderation tool “Whistle” icon. It will be present on the top of the screen. The child can contact any adult moderator to handle a specific situation. Disney also adds that it can permanently ban a particular user who breaks the safety laws and community rules of Disney Mix.

Disney Mix team is also preparing to add new features and themes to the application this year. For instance, sharing future updates, photos and videos within a safe environment. The app is a sure shot revolution for Kids on the social media sites. It is going to turn the table around with excellent features and additional safety measures. Now parents can talk to their children regarding social media websites and security issues as well as they can report Disney through a feedback form informing them about their services.

How to Download Disney Mix

The application “Disney Mix” is available for Android and iOS users. They can download the app from their respective application stores.

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Swati Sharma is an avid tech-enthusiast and geek. She writes at Bloomtimes.com where she covers topics related to gadgets, apps and operating systems.


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